JIS Sharing and Privacy Policy

JIS believes participation in the digital realm is a distinguishing feature of contemporary learning. The use of digital tools to share content ranging from community events to school publications to student work is intended to foster creative expression and collaboration with a wider global learning community. Effective digital sharing promotes authentic learning and celebrates the best of JIS.

This Digital Sharing and Privacy Policy is designed to set expectations for these online contributions in accordance with the JIS values. While we cannot develop a policy to account for every situation that may arise in a rapidly-changing digital landscape, nor can we control the sharing of digital content online, we have created the following guidelines to balance participation with privacy, contribution with caution, and action with accountability. This policy applies to all members of the JIS community - faculty, students, staff, parents and alumni - all of whom may be viewed as representing the school in online activities that involve JIS-related content.

Sharing Guidelines

As members of the JIS Community, students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni may be digitally recorded in a way that enables them to be visually or personally identifiable. In addition, student and faculty work may be documented and shared in digital form. The following expectations apply with respect to the use of such content

All community members are expected to:

  1. only share such content when there is a reasonable assumption that the content owner or subjects would approve.
  2. notify content owners or subjects (Grade 8 to adult) or their parents (Grades EC-7) before content that may personally identify them is shared to a public audience other than via the official JIS website www.jisedu.or.id; for students in Grades EC- 8, identify any student and/or their school work by first name only without any full name disclosed to reduce the chance they may be personally identified.
  3. not require creation of accounts on sites with age restrictions by students who are underage, asking parents to create the accounts instead
  4. enable content owners or subjects who are personally identifiable in the content to remove shared content from publicly shared locations, whenever possible and within reason.
  5. not reshare content beyond the audience intended by the original sharer.
  6. respect copyright in using materials in any context,
  7. respect user choice about account creation for sites or tools other than those that are part of official JIS digital resources
  8. not share information or promote content that is confidential or damaging to the school, its operations, or to other community members.
  9. notify leadership if content posted online raises concerns about the poster’s welfare.

Of Special Note to JIS Faculty and Staff

JIS faculty and staff are expected to:

Prioritize the use of their professional identity via JIS-issued accounts when sharing JIS-related content. The use of personal accounts (including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube) to conduct school-related business is not advised, but remains subject to the guidelines in this policy.

Do not “friend” current students, or create a similar inappropriately familiar relationship online using a personal account. Use discretion when “friending” other adults, including parents of students.

Privacy Guidelines

JIS may collect and record information from users in a variety of forms: inquiries, admissions applications, contracts, event registrations, user profiles on JIS systems, surveys, assessment data, and the like. Any information we collect is intended to support the JIS mission/vision and to build positive relations with members of our JIS community.

All data we collect is protected by this Sharing and Privacy Policy. JIS will never knowingly share any personal and confidential information with any unauthorized persons or organizations.

JIS uses secure channels (SSL technology) for transmission of sensitive data via JIS systems online.


Agreed to as part of admissions process by Parents and Employment by Faculty/Staff

I have read the JIS Sharing and Privacy Policy. As a member of the JIS Community, I understand that my child’s photographs, images, quotations and work products may be used in accordance with the terms mentioned in the policy. Data collected by JIS is also subject to the terms of this policy.