Terms of Service

JIS Academy & Community Sports

I understand that Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) rules and regulations will be in effect and that safety precautions will be taken, but I also understand that JIS as Foundation, organs of the Foundation, the school or any individual employed by JIS, JIS Academy or Community Sports cannot be held responsible for the events or accidents occurred. In the event of an injury or accident involving my child, I understand that I will be informed as soon as possible. If I am unable to be contacted, I authorize the representatives of JIS, JIS Academy or Community Sports to act on my behalf in a medical emergency involving my child, and I will bear all costs spent for such occasion except for the costs that the school explicitly cover.

I agree to pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred in relation to providing this medical care along with other associated costs. I hereby release the JIS, JIS Academy or Community Sports representatives from responsibility for all cost and expenses and I also agree to assume any liability arising from their decision on my behalf. In this regard, I will not bring any suit or assert any claim or initiate criminal proceedings against JIS, JIS Academy or Community Sports representatives as a result of any action taken to attend my children or as a result of the incidents involving my children.

I understand and accept that I and/or my child must abide by the JIS Access Code of Conduct and expectations set forth by the instructors and that I and/or my child can be asked to leave anytime if I and/or my child's conduct is detrimental to the program, as deemed by JIS or JIS representative or JIS Academy or Community Sports representatives.

I understand and accept the JIS Academy / Community Sports Refund Policy, and JIS Child Safeguarding Policy.

I understand and accept that occasionally JIS Academy will use photographs and video footage of our participants in our promotional materials, including brochures, websites, and social media platforms, to showcase the vibrant activities and programs we offer. We respect the privacy of our participants and understand that not all families may wish to have their child's image used in this manner. If you do not consent to the use of your child's image for the purpose of promoting JIS Academy's activities and programs, please notify us in writing. To opt out, please email us at jisacademy@jisedu.or.id  Please include your child's name, your name, and a clear statement indicating your request to prevent the use of your child's image in any of our advertising or social media content. Upon receipt of your opt-out request, we will acknowledge your request and take steps to ensure that your child's image is not used in future promotional materials.

I understand that all programs, courses, descriptions, rates and dates are subject to change and that all courses and programs are subject to sufficient enrollment.

I understand that JIS Academy & Community Sports reserve the right to decide composition of student group in every activity based on student attendance.

I have read and agree to these conditions as outlined in this document. The information I have given on this registration form is true and correct.