JIS Academy & Community Sports

Semester II Activities

All Semester II activities started the week of Jan 18. Late registrants should contact the right person (below).

Outstanding Payments

If you have an outstanding payment please make it as soon as possible - as we need to pay our instructors and coaches. Log into your account and now do this online to ensure that your children can continue with the activity.  If you have problems call us at:  (021) 769-2555 ext 20110.  You may also pay at the Business Office. Thanks for your cooperation! 

Summer Program

We will be launching our summer program in March, so stay tuned!

Younger Students (ages 4-11) 
We will have a variety of General Day Camps where kids can learn, get creative and play sports. We will also have separate Drama Camp and EAL Camps.

Older Students (ages 12-19) 
We will be offering credit (JIS only), certificate, academic enrichment classes and sports activities. There will be classes in math, science, English and more. Students in grades 10-12 (ages 15-19) will be able to take a Business Entrepreneurship class offered through Columbia Business School in the US.