Supreme Gymnastics offers a well-rounded gymnastics program open to boys and girls 5 years and up. Supreme Gymnastics offers recreational and elite (competitive) classes which benefit all sports by building body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, and confidence. Gymnastics training is offered to all levels of experience, ranging from complete beginners to serious athletes. If you want to try a new sport this year, we’re ready to introduce you to gymnastics, loved by athletes, parents, and spectators the world over!
Supreme Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe environment for all gymnasts and coaches, with carefully limited numbers and groupings, while striving to help students achieve their goals, be it competition-level training or just having fun learning new skills. With Supreme Gymnastics, you will receive training in skills such as: roll, handstand, cartwheel, handspring, flip, and more based on the Australian Level Program. There will be a year-end performance in front of parents and guests. There may also be opportunities for students to participate in local and international competitions.

The course fee does not include the cost of a leotard, shorts/pants, and T-shirt. If you wish to purchase these items, kindly reach out to the coach, and we will send you a separate invoice for the selected products. Below, you will find the prices for each item:

  • * Leotard (girls) IDR 300,000
  • * Shorts (girls) IDR 150,000
  • * T-shirt (boys) IDR 300,000
  • * Short pants (boys) IDR 170,000
NOTES: ALL RETURNING STUDENTS at level 1 and above will receive a separate private link for registration starting on Monday, December 11. The classes listed below are for newcomers without prior gymnastics experience.
For further information regarding supreme gymnastics programs, please reach out to