Supreme Gymnastics
Supreme Gymnastics offers a well-rounded gymnastics program open to boys and girls 5 years and up. Supreme Gymnastics recreational and elite (competitive) classes benefit all sports by building body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility and confidence. Gymnastics training is offered to all levels of experience, ranging from complete beginners to the more serious athlete. If you want to try a new sport this year, we’re ready to introduce you to gymnastics, loved by athletes, parents, and spectators the world over!

Supreme Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe environment for all gymnasts and coaches, with carefully limited numbers and groupings, while striving to help students achieve their goals, be it competition-level training or just having fun learning new skills. With Supreme Gymnastics, you will receive training in skills such as: rolls, handstands, cartwheesl, handsprings, flips, and more based on the Australian Level Program. There will be a performance/in -house competition at the end of each semester which parents will be invited to. There may also be opportunities for students to participate in local and international competitions.

All children will receive a either a leotard (girls) or a t-shirt (boys). T-shirts will need to be ordered as they are not in stock. In the meantime, male gymnasts should come to the gym in their regular JIS PE shirt or their own white/blue shirt. Students can use their own shorts unless they want to purchase/order Supreme Gymnastics shorts.

Tumbling for ages 5 - 15 In Tumbling class, children will learn the basics of tumbling. Depending on their strength and skill, children will learn how to do a wide variety of movements such as forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, bridges, backbends, and handsprings. A focus will be on body awareness, strength, body control, coordination and flexibility. 

For more details about the PIE and PEL gymnastics programs please email: