Jakarta Dragon Basketball

Registration is now closed.  Please contact Community Sports Office  to register.

Registration period opens on Wednesday, December 5 at 10:00 AM

Registration ends on Monday, December 31 at 11:00 PM 

Jakarta Dragon Basketball
Jakarta Dragon Basketball has opportunities for all elementary school through high school students and is open to both the JIS and non-JIS community. Players will develop basketball skills, teamwork, discipline and respect for others under the leadership of experienced coaches. Besides weekly training, games will be played on Saturdays. 
Elite Basketball is for High School and Middle School selected players. Players will receive a private link to register from the coach. If you have any questions please email to mshsbasketball.at.jis@gmail.com
 FastBreak 2 Day Basketball Clinic  12-13 Jan 2019
Community Sports is working with Fastbreak basketball out of Singapore to offer a pre-season clinic.  Saturday, 12 Jan, will be a Shooting Clinic. They will demonstrate the new "Sweep and Sway" shooting program beginning with Elementary students. They will build the technique through the Middle School and finish with the High School session with shooting on the move and game specific shooting.
Sunday, January 13, will focus on skills and games. Beginning with the Elementary students, they will demonstrate how players can acquire skills through specifically designed game play. Then through the Middle School and High School session, they will demonstrate how as players individual skill needs become more specific, how game play and skills need to be linked for greater development gains.
See below for the classes.